20th February 2005

- Version 3.0.1

A minor bugfix release.

5th September 2004

- Version 3.0.0

Tons of new features and updates compared to 2.2.0!

11th January 2004

- Version 3.0.0pre2

XScreenSaver support is back! Some bug fixes.
Screenshot page updated

18th November 2003

- Version 3.0.0pre1

Nearly a complete rewrite. Tons of new features. Notice, this prerelease lacks of the xscreensaver support. It will be added.

21st April 2003

Sorry that things develop slower than it should! I've been writing on an applet library during the last months, so therefore there has been no progress on Sherman's Aquarium.
The library, called GAI and some applets can be found at

30th November 2002

Large parts of Sherman's aquarium are rewritten and alot of new features are added, so a new release isn't too far away.

8th September 2002

- A photo of the article about Sherman's aquarium published in Linux Magazine can be found here.(~64kb)

31st August 2002

- Version 2.2.0

- Makefile & configure fixes.
- Swedish and German translation for the Gnome menu. (But not yet for the preference window.)
- Fixed preference window and keyleds bug.
- Gnome 2 panel detection. Notice that gnome 2 applets must be started from the panel.
- XSCREENSAVER is now supported! Finally!
- Internal changes makes it possible to run more than one instance at the same time. (Screensaver and applet, for example.)
- Resize blowfish blow up action to correct size. Strangly it was two time too big.
- The blowfish now explodes and updates correctly in fullscreen.
- The pray gets eaten correctly now.
- You can have a seafloor(-f)in fullscreen mode now.
- Some changes for SunOs. But still no thermometer code.
- New graphics taken from the Swedish version of Sherman's Lagoon.
- Added graphics includes plants and stones for the sea floor.
- Hawthorne and Bob the bottom dweller are added. They appear only in fullscreen/xscreensaver mode.
- Added new command line option "-m" for activate the matrix scroller for those that hasn't gnome installed.
- Changed solid blue to solid colour. Now you can choose any colour you want instead.

12th August 2002

First I want to thank Linux Magazine,Japan for given me a magazine and for having an article about Sherman's aquarium (p.120) in it!

At the moment I'm working on xscreensaver and root window support. I'm also planning to include more Sherman's Lagoon graphics, taken from the Swedish colour version.

Next version will probably be released around 10th September.

20th July 2002

Cough and a cold, lack of motivation and alot to do(studies) delayed this new version alot more than planned.
Also, I've been working on another project, called Gnome 2 applets simplified.
It will be at quite soon.
Ports of some popular wmapplets to Gnome 2 will also be there, using g2as

- Version 2.1.1

- Fixed blue box bug for gtk+1.2.x and some window managers.
- Starting speed ups.
- FreeBSD port. (Not 100% sure that it works. Please mail me the result!)
- New option for fullscreen mode. Keep the current resolution.
- Grammer corrections and changed option --numfishes to --numfish.
- Some Gnome 2 fixes made by Brett Nash brettn at cse dot unsw dot edu dot au

8th July 2002

- BUG!

The latest version (2.1.0) include a very stupid bug that can cause it all to be just gray-blue!
Please change the last "return -1" in src/detectbrokenwm.c to "return 0"
I'm sorry. I'll release a fixed version very soon.

7th July 2002

- Version 2.1.0

- Gnome version 2.0.x support
- GTK+ version 2.0.x support
- Bug fixes (preference windows, automagical detection bug, and more.)
- Resizing speed ups.
- configure script instead of messy makefiles.
- Matrix scroller is now a valid option + fixing some matrix bugs.
- Better handeling of missing files when running as gnome applet.
- New option. "-r" Reset settings.
- Fullscreen("-l") using SDL. This is most for testing. Will become a screensaver in the future.

7th July 2002

- I changed the organization of the files on the download page and that resulted in that I lost the number of downloads of version 2.0 (133) and 2.0.1 (493).

28th June 2002

- Added a Mac OS X screenshot and a link to Fink

23rd June 2002

- Version 2.0.1

- Mac Os X port and thermometer code
- Fixing a floating point exception bug
- Some Makefile errors fixed.
- Documentation updates and some new sections

23rd June 2002

- NEW MAJOR RELEASE - Version 2.0

- Name change to "Sherman's aquarium"
- Gnome panel applet version
- Prefrences window
- Remembers your settings
- Scaling of fishes
- Size of window can be choosen
- Choose your own background
- ALOT of internal changes
- Automagical detection of window manager and gnome panel
- Swordfish can make the blowfish explode
- Much better animation of all fishes
- One big fish can eats a special kind of fish

11th May 2002

- New release. Version 1.01
- Minor bug fixes and some new features.

8th May 2002

- New homepage. Made by Gustaf Räntilä. Thank you!

4th May 2002

- First public release. Version 1.0