Screenshots - Screensaver

A few screenshots of the screensaver.
The first is with transparent background the second with water lookalike background.

Screenshots - Applet

All those screenshots below are taken when Sherman's aquarium (3.0.0) is running on the Gnome Panel. It looks the same when used in the Dock/Wharf.

Here Sherman's aquarium is configured to keep the 1x1 ratio with analog clock on the background and a thermometer.
The thermometer can be configured to meassure CPU load, memory usage, swap usage, fan speed, cpu and motherboard temperature and some other things.

With 2x1 ratio,(ofcourse it turns 90 degrees if the panel is oriented differently.) fuzzy clock on the foreground and date.

With a digital clock.

No bottom this time and only swordfish, blowfish, prey and hunter so there is some action - Hunter eats prey and swordfish kills blowfish.

The same as above, but on a small Gnome panel and the fish are scaled down.

When you put the mouse pointer over Sherman's aquarium it can be configured to become tetris. It has highscores, save the current game, if you log out and some other features. You can play tetris with a joystick or with the arrow keys.

Or if you are feeling confused you could have a look at the matrix instead :-)

And why not a nice plasma?